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Oct 15, 2009

I've been away from the blog for a while. Thank all of you who have emailed and asked where are the posts and pictures and they miss me!!
Summer was hectic, plus the added responsibility of the pond, so there was little blogging time. Ponds are far more work than one can imagine! I still love it tho, and don't regret having it built. The fish are growing at an amazing rate, especially the koi...they have doubled in size in a very short time. The plants flourished, and wouldn't you know, the cala lillies are rooted and doing well, just in time to be uprooted and taken inside for the winter. The temperature of the water dropped 20 degrees in two weeks and the fish have slowed down and eat very little now. It is netted to keep leaves and walnuts out..which was a major undertaking.
The leaves are turning, there has been frost and it is officially Autumn here in Indiana. The Halloween decorations are up inside and out, and I'm excited as I love Halloween.
I had my birthday in September although I won't divulge which one it was, and recieved so many cards, emails,phone calls and hugs I was overwhelmed. Thank you all. I recieved gifts from my 'friends I've never met'...both Canadian and Scottish.
I am preparing to open my Etsy shop and have my wonderful banner created, thanks to Big Brown Dog graphics in Tennessee. I will be posting a link to her. Any of you who want graphics for a blog, Etsy, website or her, she's amazing!!


  1. Hey Judy
    Your home is lovely! I love this time of year.
    Big hugs to you.

  2. You have a beautiful home my cookie friend!! Ponds are alot of work...we have one too..but like you said alot of fun as well. I can't wait to see your etsy shop. Congrats on your new adventure!
    Many blessings~Judy

  3. OOOH ... I like the color of the house now!! It doesn't look the same as the last time I saw it ... 15? 20? years ago! ;-)