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May 7, 2009

Remembering Grandma This Mothers Day

With Mothers Day approaching I count myself lucky to still have both my parents alive, I am one of the few people in my age group that does. Mom is 81 and in fragile health. I will be visiting her.
While there I will be taking flowers to my paternal grandmother, Nettie, who is buried in Rose Hill Cemetary. I can remember her taking me to that cemetary 50 years ago on Memorial Day, there would be music by Veterans groups, flags on all the graves of servicemen, and lots and lots of real flowers, this was long before artificial flowers. There was a beautiful limestone fountain as tall as a house that a brass band would stand near and play. She would tell me with pride how her father (my great grandfather) helped build that fountain as he was a limestone carver. Grandma always decorated every family grave that she knew existed. Now there is only me to do this, as I'm the one who grew up to be interested in geneology. Grandma gave me more than this gift of family and history. She bought me Barbie when they first arrived in stores, and later Chatty Cathy, who I still have. My first bike, numerous party dresses, and formals. All sorts of advice, which I thought silly at times but cherish now. She showed me a strong woman who survived the Depression, divorce, cancer (3 times!!)and whatever life threw at her. I inherited her ability to 'cook from scratch', win an arguement, and raise flowers of all kinds.In the picture above she was 12 years younger than I am now...that is me hanging on to her. I was always close to her, perhaps moreso than my own mother.
She died at age 88 and was buried the day I found out I would have my first grandaughter. Oh how she would love her and her sister. I hear myself sounding like her many times now and silently laugh to myself. I miss her so. Happy Mothers Day Grandma, hope you like the flowers.


  1. What a nice tribute to your Grandmother, and it brought back some wonderful memories of my own Grandma, who has been gone for a long time, but I still miss her.
    Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  2. I'm stting here crying after reading that lovely tribute to your grandmother. I wish so much I'd had a grandma who did things with me and bought things for me, but I'm surely glad YOU did. The love you hold for her shows thru.


  3. Very well written, I agree with you grandma that you definetly have a talent. I hope she likes the flowers too, I bet she was wonderful.

  4. what a lovely tribute to your grandma. I only had one, my dad's mom died when he was a teenager. I loved my grandma, in some ways more than my own mom. One of my favorite memories was when she took me, by train, from chicago to upper wisconsin to visit her sister for a week...her grand-daughter was visiting her so I had fun and freedom (at 14 in a po-dunk town) that I never had living at home at that age. I was the only grandchild she did that with. Grandma lived in chicago and we lived in the burbs, she would spend a few weeks with us a couple of times a year. She didn't drive so she'd come out by train. I loved it, my sister hated it...grandma stayed in her room and sis had to stay with me in mine. She's been gone 35 years and my sister still talks (just last week) about how unfair that was. Grandma would listen to not just my words, but my heart....I still miss her.

    We would walk to the mall and shop, play canasta and just sit and visit for hours. She always had butterscotch discs and spearmint leaves to share...still can't have one without thinking of her. She could be a demanding old lady (my mom is just like her now at 83, LOL)....but I knew she was crazy about me.

    Thanks for bringing back great memories.

  5. nonny!!! it's meredith, and I would be seeing you tommorrow. I hope you have a wonderful time and a memorable Mother's Day!!! (more like grandparent's day if i'm talking to ou right now!!!) luv ya and look foward to seeing you. I hope you make cupcakes!!!

  6. howdy,
    nice story about your grandma. I had a grannie like that. She could cook from scratch, sew, was a life long gardner, (her yard was beautiful, filled with all kinds of flowers), and she loved me beyond words. She also lived through the depression, cancer twice and two husbands !
    Hey, I noticed you have a Meredith in your family ! My Meredith just spent 54 weeks in Ireland. She is in Paris right now. She will tour Eupore until mid July. She's coming home for Mollie's wedding.
    nice chatting with you,

  7. This is a lovely tribute to your grandma. I love the photo too!