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Jul 21, 2009

Pond Day 3...I Have Water!!

After a long wait, I have water!!! And a falls that sounds just wonderful. I wish I could record it for all of you to hear...its so peaceful and I can hear it in the house. Darryl (the owner of Aquatic Designs) built the pond ledges, bogs and falls all by himself one stone at a time. He is an artist and perfectionist and I can't say enough about the professionalism and talent he has. He would stop patiently at any time to explain things to me...and always said "ask questions and keep calling us if you have a question". He would point to a rock and the 2 helpers would lug them over to at a time. There is far more to building a pond than I ever imagined, if its done correctly. He used his calculator to figure the amount of water in the pond, vs. the GPH, plus the height of the falls to figure out the sound!!!! I was astonished. He also figured how many 'inches of fish' my pond would nicely support to keep the eco system intact. AMAZING!! My next post will be of the finished pond, sans landscaping, a few inhabitants and my thoughts on the experience. The landscaping will be ongoing....I'm waiting for my first shipment of plants to arrive via FedEx today!!


  1. I love the sound of our pond. It is very relaxing!!! Some of the fish we have are now 3 & 4 yrs old and it gets darn cold here in the winter. Enjoy my friend! I cant wait to see it all finished!!!!
    Many Blessings~The other Cookie Monster =0)

  2. Judy this is going to be beautiful!!! Whgat a thrill to be able to do this...thanks for sharing the pictures! cindy