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Jul 15, 2009

The pond men finally showed up last week after many cancellations due to bad weather. I honestly didn't know what to expect except a lot of dirt and rocks! First, the 'foreman' who you will see in the pictures sitting a lot, and I marked out and discussed basically what I wanted and didn't want. We had already agreed upon a price for the basic size and shape I had in mind. We discussed the waterfall and what I expected. I wanted a good sound, and it to look natural. I also requested a lot of 'bog' area for planting and that one end be 2 feet and the other 3'. Then I left them alone to work. I couldn't believe they dug by hand.....well two of them did. I also was amazed at the tools used, something like surveyors tools. I had to go out and check out all of this and he explained that it has to be level in all directions, etc. (I would have just started digging..LOL). There was far more to it than I realised. He said 70% of their business is correcting ponds built by homeowners and enlarging ponds that are already built. He told me I was wise in going all out in the beginning. I also couldn't believe they carted all those big rocks in by load at a time!! By the end of the day I really thought the hole looked a lot like Big Foot had been in my backyard.
Come back in a few days for day 2!!


  1. You are going to love your pond!!!! We have one and it is wonderful! I cant wait to read more and see more pics!

  2. I am going to follow your blog so I can keep up with all that is going on. Looks good so far, Char