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Jul 7, 2009

Victorian Dollhouse

My grandaughter Meredith keeps prodding me to "paint the little house" and I keep putting it off. It literally is gathering dust and the roof fell apart before I got it out of the basement. Then another 'friend I haven't met' from a social forum inspired me by spending her vacation doing her dollhousel. Ok, you two, you win!!

So now I've ordered shingles, special glue, gingerbread trim, brick for the foundation and a treadle sewing machine (which has nothing to do with construction but it was CUTE). I have the feeling this is the beginning of an addiction. But Meredith and I will have fun!!! She likes to write so I think I'm going to encourage her to make up a history of the house and stories about who lives there and what they do.

I'm looking for color suggestions to paint it. I want something least 3 colors. Please post any ideas!!!


  1. That will be a fun project to share with her! I see in Sycamore, Il., some victorian homes painted in three color schemes..go to Lowes or Menards and pick up a pamplet of possible choices to use...they have some great painting plans, all ready to go by. Cindy

  2. I have our daughters dollhouse that I am going to redo from our grand daughter Gracie. I am going to do the outside in pink and white. The only suggestion I have is to make sure there is a cookie jar in each room! LOL Have lots of fun making memories with your grand daughter!!!
    Many Blessings~Judy

  3. I can see you getting the house itself done during a summer vacation but filling it with miniatures will be more of a long term committment. I started one years ago and never finished as it's up in the attic. The last time my girls played with it was probably 13 years ago. Actually it's a group of shadow boxes put together as a house. Now that I have grand daughters I may have to start it up again in a couple of years. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Are you planning on adding lighting?
    As for colors what about how this house is painted? Gold and red.

  4. A Victorian house that one can afford.